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Stephen Dobson… Master Distiller.
Dobson's is a petite but perfectly formed micro distillery, we make a number of products which are only available from us. Our Rose Vodka and Le Caf, Maple Syrup and Italian Espresso liqueur are truly unique to us and an experience you can only have here. We are soon to introduce our Gin, and Whiskeys. All to be made with the same attention to detail which is the trademark of all Dobson's products.
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Click on Ludwig to hear Stephen's distilling interview on ABC radio National.
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Oh Settle Petal

The worlds only Rose Petal Vodka, made from the petals of David Austin Roses… deliciously fragrant, with overtones of turkish delight and a rose tea tannin. This classic refresher is designed to work brilliantly with Indian Tonic water. When added to tonic it will change colour from gold to a dusky rose pink. It is delightful and delicious.
750 ml

$62 ex freight
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Orange Blossom Vodka

Stephens favourite tipple , this clean refresher is exquisite with Tonic water, but can be enjoyed with lemonade, soda or in a martini. Orange Blossom is summer in a glass, it is the type of drink which would not be out of place on the verandah of Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It is a spirit which is once again only available from Dobson's Eastview Estate. Sell your granny or mum …but buy some.
750 ml

$52 ex freight
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The purest Vodka you will ever try… Not a claim we make lightly. In the art and craft of distilling Stephen "the Doctor" Dobson is an internationally renown expert. His talent as a distiller is never more evident than here in the most revealing of spirits…We promise you will never buy better than Vokda by Dobson's
750 ml

$47 ex freight
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Crisp, dry, fragrant and light. Dobson's Gin is a marvel, a balancing act. with the complexity of 16 botanicals, and the feather light fragrance which can only be obtained by the use of a Carter Head still. This is a testament to the distilling craft. Australia has a great gin …at last.

750 ml

$52 ex freight
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30 Botanicals combine to make one of the most fragrant Bitter's available anywhere in the world. This is the perfect accompaniment to your vodka, or just as a way of adding life to soda or lemon and lime…this bitter's is truly unique.
100 ml

$TBA ex freight
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Mans Best friend

Dobson's Blended whiskey is an Irish style triple distilled easy drinking blended whiskey. A light sipping whiskey at home straight up, over ice or as a mixer, delightful.
750 ml

$54 ex freight

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Old Reliable
Single Malt Whiskey

The apex of the distillers craft…Stephens Single Malt Whiskey is aged over our own Shiraz Never's French oak. It is made from Baird's Scottish peat smoked barley which is brewed in exceedingly small batches, at never more than 50 litres at a time. This is a spirit which can only be described as a labour of love…..Sublime.
750 ml

$93 ex freight
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Le Caf

Maple Syrup and The finest Italian Espresso Coffee, in the most delicious liqueur imaginable. Just pour this over a good vanilla ice cream, or make a black or white Russian to understand just how good this liqueur is…we sell this in 375 ml half bottles as it goes a long way… deliciously wicked!
375 ml

$29 ex freight

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