Eastview Estate

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Welcome to the madness that is Dobson's Brewery... A place to hang out and fly your freedom flag with gusto...ours is a world which is ruled by personality and individualism, we have scathing disdain for the ordinary, the conservative, the boring. being your most beautiful self is our mantra. Given the woes of the world we hope to provide a bright shining light amidst the darkness...ENJOY!
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THE INVENTION OF BEER....(a revisionist manifesto)
"It is stated in Arnold's Illustrated Hystorie of the Universe and all other Things.
that beer was invented by the Summerians in the year 310 BC. Recent archaelogical findings in the wild remote jungles of darkest New England region of New Holland also known as Australia, have shed new light on the true date of the discovery of Beer, it seems that it was an altogether later genius, by the name of Sir Adelberry Dobson who in 1794 discovered beer. all the brewers up till then have been exposed as charletans and kiljoys".
Mr Pinkington Lesionaire
The London Globe
Dobson's Brewery was established by Sir Adelberry Snifback Dobson III, after a miraculous apparition of a virgin appeared to him at his property "Eastview" situated in bucolic Kentucky in the far reaches of exotic New England. He knew he was blessed, as no one had seen a virgin in Kentucky up to that point, and in fact since. The virgin commanded him to give up his life of selling opiated cough syrups and instead to brew effictatious brews of a high order for the thirsty populous, he named his invention beer.
Whilst you may have heard other stories of the beginnings of beer, they are mere lies and innuendo.
It is to Alderberry we owe the miracle that is beer.

"Ah, Beer....so much more than the perfect breakfast!"

Sir Adelberry Snifback Dobson III ....Grand master of the elusive order of the Imperial Swimburgers, Kentucky 1792.