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Stephen Dobson
master distiller, brewer & winemaker
Living ones dream is a mantra for me, forging the co-incidences that have led me to this place at this time, has been my lifelong concern. I was born to brew, distil and make wine I love it...yeast bubbles through my blood as surely as I live and breathe. I am very lucky to share the support of a beautiful wife Lyn, on whose shoulders I daily stand, that I may see a bit further. I am a misfit, a radical, a visionary....but after all that is who Dobson's is brewed for.

The greatest joy in life is just to love and be loved in return…
eden ahbez,1947


What a strange thing is life, that many spend so much time concerned about what others think of them and so little being who they can be, that is, that person you could be if you just allowed yourself to be without a care for what others thought of you.
The most limiting thing we face in our formative years is ourselves, our expectations of ourselves and reactive resistance to becoming what we could be, for fear of alienating our peers. If only we knew in advance how transient those relationships are. When I look back to my childhood and adolescent years, the people who were a cause for concern, my peer group were all gone from my life within a few short years. Some moved away others just became irrelevant. The lesson being that no one should get between you and your potential, it is your gift and should not be squandered, any one who stands in the way of your potential is not your friend!
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Lyn Dobson
chef, brewer & administrator.

If someone would have said Lyn in a few years you will not be living in the city, spending time at the beach, sun sand and wine. you will be living in the country co-owning, and running a winery, brewery, distillery and restaurant. I would have thought they were crazy.

When Stephen first started talking about his vision of our business in the country. I was really excited but scared, really scared, as this was way out of my comfort zone.

But today 9 years on,  living in Kentucky, and loving the space, the fresh air, the country side and our business.
I find it hard to remember my previous life .

I really enjoy cooking food for people and seeing how much they enjoy my food, at Eastview it is about the whole experience not just the food or the wine or the beer but the vibe of our place. Our garden, our verandah our bar, and your time spent here enjoying what Eastview is all about…. you.

So as we turn another page with Dobson's distillery we at Eastview are very proud and look forward to many more years in our lovely Kentucky

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