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Surround yourself in natural beauty, style and sophistication, treat your guests to the finest food and wine the New England produces. Your wedding will provide memories you and your guests will harbour for a lifetime. A wedding at PINOT is a statement, it is a place that reflects your personality, it is not just a venue!
Here at PINOT we aspire to the highest standards of food, wine and service, it is our high expectation's of our own performance which is your guarantee that every aspect of that special day will be considered. We are there for YOU.

Being wed in natures cathedral amongst the vines, provides a beautiful backdrop for your guests and photographer, we also can supply a photographic studio equipped with Broncolor strobes ( as used by the best fashion photographers in Europe) for the more serious portraits.

Our wedding packages are flexible, we will endeavour to create a unique experience, the menu will be designed to suit your needs, but no matter what, we will always provide a memorable meal. Our wines are renown for their quality and diversity, should you desire we can provide you with personalised labels for the table wines or for gifts for others. We can also provide a mixed dozen which will be selected by our winemaker to age to perfection on the major anniversaries of your marriage, these will come with individually designed labels reflecting your love and commitment. These Mixed dozed anniversary wines are a statement of your ongoing commitment and are bound to acquire great sentimental value beyond their cost.
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One thing is for sure your wedding at PINOT will be anything but boring, one thing we guarantee is that we will provide a vibrant atmosphere, as anyone knows who has dined here, the vibe is dynamic friendly and contemporary. No jaded wedding M.C., no jaded waiters in dirty ill-fitting tuxes, above all no tired cliches, just great friendly service with attention to you and your guests every need, no request ignored, your guests won't feel that they are at "just another wedding factory" which is how many wedding venues feel. You will not be rushed out, you will not be forced to adhere to any timetable but your own, when you hire PINOT, it is yours and yours alone.
My wife Lyn and I were married here at Eastview, the love and memories we share have been enriched by being here on this magical property
we are truly happy to be able to share this special place with others and hope that it will bring you all the happiness we have been blessed with in our married life.

Stephen & Lyn Dobson

The world has changed, so why shouldn't you make the most important declaration of your life, your way, after all it is your life.
here at restaurant PINOT we listen to what you want from your special day, we then do everything possible for your dream to come true.

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